• August 8, 2022
Performance Review Software

Performance Review Software

It became important for organizations to hold out the Performance Assessment of their professionals, with the target of knowing each one’s contribution, giving feedback on their performance presented, and planning the way to better prepare them so as to maximise performance and productivity.

Companies trying to find a Performance Assessment Software find within the RH1000 the perfect system, because it also incorporates the most processes of Management by Competences, enabling People Management in its most advanced form and at low cost.

Organize The Company’s HR

however, if the company’s objective is easier , like just registering information about professionals and registering the profile of positions, or controlling the training area and/or the choice area, it’ll even be fully met.

Developed supported the knowledge and experiences of Human Resources professionals and Managers of huge corporations;
Solution conceived by an HR Consultancy with almost 30 years within the market;
Structure the Human Resources processes during a systemic and integrated way;
Focus on HR Management without direct link to Payroll (DP)
Fast Implementation ;
Updated Technological Base (JAVA);
Low Investment – excellent cost/benefit;
No need for Internal Infrastructure (Server and Internal Technical Support).
Accessible over the web , without installation , with total security.

Skills Management

The RH1000 ® System is that the complete solution to support the implementation of an entire Competency Management process in your company. The system offers an outsized number of reports that facilitate the identification of strengths and weaknesses in talent performance and opportunities for individual development. It provides Indicators to assist structure the work of HR or support the distribution of bonuses, PPR or PLR.

Competency Management may be a Human Resources process to place the corporate and professionals during a position to reply to the growing expectations of results with attention on the company’s Strategic Planning , combined with the wants of ISO-9000, evaluating the productivity of its professionals and measuring their real results.

The Performance Evaluation has two dimensions: Goals , measured by results achieved, and skills measured by deliveries (actions and behaviors expected of the professional within the exercise of its function).
The purpose of this process is to systemically integrate all the knowledge associated with the professionals who add the corporate , evaluating the prevailing deviations between the perfect and therefore the observed performance, considering the way the collaborators work and therefore the Organization’s Competences .

The Competency Management Process requires an data system that permits for the management of all stages of the method thanks to the massive volume of knowledge handled. Use the RH1000 System.

Methodology And Background

The RH1000 System was developed supported the Ohl Braga Methodology of Management by Competence with attention on results , which is predicated on the subsequent management tools: Strategic Planning, Balanced ScoreCard (BSC), Process Management and Management by Competences.

The Strategic Plan provides: (1) the vision because the great goal to be pursued by the organization, aligning the Multi-annual plans, the macro-objectives and goals of employees with the most objectives and methods of the organization. (2nd) the Mission and Values as a sign of the Company’s Competences. (3rd) the Macro-objectives, which structure the organization’s Annual Plan, because the source of the individual Goals.

Advantages Of Working With Performance Management

Measuring the performance of our employees is significant for a corporation , because it allows it to be more efficient with its resources and stand out from the competition. Next, we’ll check out the most benefits of performance appraisal:

Improve productivity

A team with an honest strategy and measuring the work of its employees are going to be more productive than one that does not . If we do not lookout of our employees and have an interest in how they are doing their jobs, we will identify potential mistakes and proper them in time.

Performance Review Software

Benefits of Using Performance Appraisal Software

A Human Resources software can’t only assist you better invest some time and avoid administrative tasks. it’s also possible to manage the productivity of your employees through Performance review software and performance appraisal program.

Below, we detail everything you’ll get from HR with software like Factorial:

Adapting the performance model to your company
Not all companies are an equivalent , so not all ways of doing business performance management should be an equivalent .

The advantage of using the software is that you simply can customize the performance evaluation program to adapt it to your company’s needs and with the choice to use the tactic you wish the most: self-evaluations, 360º evaluations, etc. If you would like to start out a performance review quickly, you’ll use the examples that are predetermined on the platform or customize the questions and make your own .

Manage your employees’ performance automatically

Through an equivalent software you’ll determine who are going to be evaluated, who are going to be your supervisor, your managers and your colleagues. From here, an automatic message will reach all participants to fill within the assessments directly from an equivalent program.

Review assessments within the same Human Resources program

The best thing about Factorial’s performance evaluation software is that everything is out there within the same place. Thus, you’ll be ready to review the assessments, from their draft version to their finalization, using an equivalent program with which you manage Human Resources employees.

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