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Nevertheless, there are distinct and important goals of software engineering. Everyone designing, developing, testing, or maintaining software and/or application portfolios need to ensure that their software is: Readabl

Performance Review Software Engineer

Software engineer: who is it

A software engineer is a programmer who has a higher technical education and is engaged in the development of software products in the field of computing. A specialist with a secondary vocational education in this area is called a “technician-programmer”. He designs, designs, creates and tests the created software.

A software engineer differs from a simple programmer in that his task is much more complex. He must understand very well the structure of software, create high-quality programs that could work on any computer and solve several problems at once. It is in his power to modify the existing design, think over possible problems that may arise in the future, and find a solution for them. An ordinary developer is most often just a performer (in the technical part) of what the engineer intended. A programmer may not have a specialized education and his duties usually do not include design.

In addition to the tasks already mentioned, the engineer must create user-friendly programs that must be reliable and safe. He must calculate the further development of programs and solve the difficulties arising in this case. Depending on the size of the company, there may be more than one specialist on the staff, and then his duties will be distributed.

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What Does A Software Engineer Do?

The responsibilities of a software engineer include a wide range of tasks. Basically, he: analyzes the needs of the company and current software  checks programs for compliance with the requirements of the organization and whether they are working correctly;
plans, develops and implements software;
tests new or changed software;
maintains software together with other specialists in the team;
manages IT projects: plans, organizes and controls execution.
We have listed the main functions of a software engineer, but he can perform other tasks in parallel. Possible areas of work: commercial organizations, software manufacturers.

Softwares Engineer Skills

Most of these developers should: know programming languages C ++, C # or Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS;
master the basics of thematic modeling, algorithms, different types of typing, know databases, SQL, DBMS;
know various operating systems, web technologies and cloud technologies;
create schemes for entering, processing, storing and issuing information of Software Engineer;

choose suitable programming languages; to develop programs for performing computational work in accordance with the statement of work;
check, test and configure software;
adjust previously created software solutions;
implement and maintain software tools;
write technical documentation and instructions for using the software;
be able to work in a team;
to build a dialogue with customers that is understandable for all parties;
know English at the Independent User level.

Personal qualities
Working in this position requires the following qualities:

Software engineer
A specialist in the field of software, automation of production processes, design of computer programs and technologies, providing a solution to economic and other problems with the developed software and computer technology.

Main Activities

production and technological (implementation of softwares in industry of Software Engineer);
design (design of information systems of enterprises);
organizational and managerial (management of information resources of institutions);
research (participation in computational experiments in order to check the used mathematical models);
innovative activity (development of information technologies for the purpose of strategic development of enterprises).

Areas of activity

industry (enterprises and institutions of light, heavy, military industry);
the sphere of economics, management and financial activity (public and private organizations of various levels);
the sphere of education and science (research institutes, educational organizations, IT companies and web studios).

Main Responsibilities

Setting up softwares systems and hardware for putting the information system into commercial operation;
design of enterprise information systems;
software testing and maintenance;
instrumental monitoring of the security of computer systems;
development of sites and interfaces for working on the Internet;

Nevertheless, there are distinct and important goals of software engineering. Everyone designing, developing, testing, or maintaining software and/or application portfolios need to ensure that their software is: Readabl

knows the main characteristics of information systems and their areas of application;
knows programming languages (C ++, Perl, Delphi, Java, PHP, Visual Basic, etc.);
knows how to use modern system, network software; knows how to make a choice of technologies and develop, debug, test programs for information processing;
speaks technical English.
owns methods of programming automation.
Working conditions
Works indoors at the computer.

Universities for training
This profession is taught in 399 universities . You can find a suitable educational organization for various parameters of accessibility in any region of the country.

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