• August 8, 2022

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Performance Evaluation Software

It became important for organizations to hold out the Performance Assessment of their professionals, with the target of knowing each one’s contribution, giving feedback on their performance presented, and planning the way to better prepare them so as to maximise performance and productivity.

Companies trying to find a Performance Assessment Software find within the RH1000 the perfect system, because it also incorporates the most processes of Management by Competences, enabling People Management in its most advanced form and at low cost.

RH1000 ® System
– is meant to be used by the human resources area for people management. it’s provided as a SaaS – Software as a Service, that is, the contracting of the system use service via the web for a monthly fee. it had been developed to permit the implementation of individuals Management by Skills in organizations in a simple and assertive way, with attention on achieving results.

The RH1000 System has operational and managerial approaches, getting to supply all the client’s needs. It allows structuring and organizing HR processes, implementing performance evaluation (competencies and/or goals), additionally to controlling the individual development plan and managing the training and selection areas.

Organize the company’s HR
however, if the company’s objective is easier , like just registering information about professionals and registering the profile of positions, or controlling the training area and/or the choice area, it’ll even be fully met.

Differentials And Advantages

Some points acknowledged by RH1000 System customers:

Developed supported the knowledge and experiences of Human Resources professionals and managers of huge corporations;
Solution conceived by an HR Consultancy with almost 30 years within the market;
Structure the Human Resources processes during a systemic and integrated way;
Focus on HR Management without direct link to Payroll (DP)
Fast Implementation ;
Updated Technological Base (JAVA);
Low Investment – excellent cost/benefit;
No need for Internal Infrastructure (Server and Internal Technical Support).
Accessible over the web , without installation , with total security.

Skills Management

The RH1000 ® System is that the complete solution to support the implementation of an entire Competency Management process in your company. The system offers an outsized number of reports that facilitate the identification of strengths and weaknesses in talent performance and opportunities for individual development. It provides Indicators to assist structure HR work or support the distribution of bonuses, PPR or PLR.

Competency Management may be a Human Resources process to place the corporate and professionals during a position to reply to the growing expectations of results with attention on the company’s Strategic Planning , combined with the wants of ISO-9000, evaluating the productivity of its professionals and measuring their real results.

The Performance Evaluation has two dimensions: Goals , measured by results achieved, and skills measured by deliveries (actions and behaviors expected of the professional within the exercise of its function).

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